Denying either Producers or Consumers is Tyranny over Free Choice!

When Amit Srivastava at the IRC advocates reining in PepsiCo's planned $5 billion investment plans for India by 2020, he gives call to TYRANNY over free choice. Amit's is the kind of statist urge that strips citizens of liberty, relegating them to being mere vassals of the state.

The core of Amit's argument is that Pepsi's colas and chips are why people are obese, and that such obesity raises for the state, social and health costs. So to help the state keep its taxpayer-funded coffers full, and the vassals slim at the middle, Pepsi must be stopped.

Ha ha ha.

Pepsi's chips and colas aren't why people are obese. Its like the way the argument's framed by liberals about guns in America. Liberals say guns are why people are shot. Common sense shows otherwise. Guns don't kill. People do. Similarly, people are why people are overweight. Its irresponsible eating habits and lifestyles that cause obesity. So if you wanna shove the blame dirt on someone, aim it squarely at people and their irresponsible selves. Again, its not as if colas and chips are are why Indians are overweight. What about the Aloo Parathas, Biryanis, and Butter Chicken? 

What say Amit, kick 'em out too?

Liberal socialists can't ever shoulder responsibility. Its always someone else who is at fault. If people get shot, its guns that are to blame. If people bulge at their midriffs, it must be colas and chips. If people murder and rape, it has to do with past abuse they've suffered. There's always a reason liberals look to, to absolve themselves of any responsibility. Which explains why they always come up with 'regulation by the state' as the eternal solution.

Truth is, regulation by the state is what constitutes tyranny. If Amit and his acolytes want stop to Pepsi and its investment outcomes, all they have to do is get consumers to not buy chips and cola. That's the only legitimate way to regulate. Guess what, the liberals won't do it because they know they can't. Plus they won't ever get it. They have been programmed to prefer subservience to the state over liberty. 

Not me. I won't take the road to slavery. 

Neither should you.


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