Imagining the 'Pain of a White Santa'

Aisha Harris' problem isn't a melanin deficient Santa, its an inability to grow up and deal with stuff that can cause 'pain'. Tell you what, despite her eloquent articulation her pain isn't even real. Plus the attempt to pitch a 'white Santa' as being emblematic of a racist stereotype isn't just lame, its a shame too.

Its even reverse discrimination. Asiha's pain stems from perceptual constructs inside her head, rather than any real discrimination she's suffered. Now that's true for most liberals. They get their kick from an identity built around perceived pain. Without the suffering there's no meaning to their lives, and so they get busy building the pain in their heads, either by imagining it, or allying with those who do the imagining.

The likes of Aisha perfect the imagining act. White liberals essay the allying act.

How lame, and what a shame.

The act of 'Positioning' in Marketing is an outcome of consumer imagination. For the marketer, its all about building right perceptions. Positioning flows via a construct inside consumer heads. The marketer's job is to get in, occupy a distinct space and stay there. If the job's done right, consumers will follow with the 'right' imagining that may finally translate into a buy.

As for Aisha, I hope she steps off the plank of perceived pain. I hope she grows up and leaves Santa alone. 


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