Varun Agarwal & the prescription of Thoughtless Idiocy

To be fair to Varun Agarwal on INKTalks, what the guy was actually trying to say was not that you should abandon thinking, but that you should not let someone else think for you, or even let conventional thinking stop you from trying the untried.

Problem is, despite the applause (in my class too where I played the video) Varun presented his message all wrong, though to his credit got the delivery dead right for what wasn't a 'thoughtful audience'. Which I guess explains why the idiot brigade keeps passing the video on with a look of asinine triumph on their faces.

Varun's telling us not think. Yoo hoo, plus he's got a million dollar company too! Woo hoo!

Unwittingly what Varun's done is propagate thoughtless idiocy, and I for one fear its consequences. There's enough idiocy going around already, adding to it is frankly frightening. Thoughtless idiocy is why there are Third-Worlds. To be fair to the Third-World, Its why Barack won twice in a First-World. Thoughtless idiocy is why the traffic is the way it is in Bangalore, or why liberals exist. Its why people think sidewalks are spittoons, or why left-wingers think guns kill, and not people.

Thoughtless idiocy is definitely a no-no and can turn into the kiss of death in Marketing. Marketing is about consumers. To exact consumer patronage you have to obsesses about consumer value, and construct such value in manners superior to competition. That surely is an outcome of rigorous thought. Ask Amazon, ask Google, and you'll know what's its like to think constantly about consumers.

Funny, Varun told us not to think. In a way he way asking us to THINK about his anecdotal prescription to getting life right. Now that makes him guilty. Of asking us to do exactly that which he's asking us not to do. To ones who aren't convinced on my take, go ahead, do the thinking on what Varun said, and morph into a thoughtless idiot.

You probably are right, dude. Thoughtless is better. Three cheers to idiocy!


Read a Titus blog after really long and loved it as much as I always have!

First, Varun isn't a speaker who speaks to convey messages or do any good to the society. He speaks to build an audience for the tshirts that he sells online. Second, to wear a tshirt, you don't need brains; and that makes things easier. Third, Varun wants all the dreamers out there to live in fantasy world of their own, where you need to get drunk to think of business ideas. Wow! That's so cool, just like us. Fourth, he believes that selling college tshirts, which is no new invention/innovation by the way, makes him India's Steve Jobs.

So, basically, I'd turn up to Varun when I wish to have fun. No doubt, this chap speaks really fluent. Pointless, but fluent. So, just like India TV gets max viewership as a news channel, Varun gets more listeners than people who run the country's best start-ups. Reason-Entertainment! That's all we care for anyways. So, let's continue to share more of his pointless messages, without thinking off course.

Three cheers to idiocy!

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