Why 'money' and 'liquor' are legitmate vote inducements

It seems there may flow hooch and money at the last minute in Delhi to sway votes. The talking heads on TV think using such inducement isn't right, that the election commission must do something about it.

I ask, why?

If political parties can promise people subsidized rates on electricity, water, and other such inducements to attract votes, how is doling out money and liquor any different? Oh, I get it. Electricity and water are necessities, and offering them as inducement is legitimate. Wait a minute. Money too is a necessity, and I know a few who may qualify hooch as a must-have. So why deny voters the legitimate latter, if that can sway votes?

You see, it isn't liquor, money, electricity, or water that's the problem. The problem is dependency. Elections in India are class acts that promise and foster dependency. All parties, including the AAP promise voters mooching opportunities (read, free or subsidized stuff) in return for votes. Now how legitimate is that? Will there ever come a time in India when political parties promise nothing, but say they will stay out of the way of private wealth creation, and then claim that as the reason to seek citizen votes?

I guess not. Probably never.

You see the problem with elections in India isn't inducements. Its our dependency on government. It will be a while before we understand what liberty truly is. It will be quite some time before we internalize that we are responsible for ourselves. Not government. Then we will not be swayed by inducements, and we will patronize parties that will promise to stay out our way and let us create wealth. For ourselves and for others.

Until then, parties with inducements will rule. Until then, socialism will triumph, and jholawallahs will set agendas of wealth redistribution ensuring slothful moochers thrive at the cost of those that toil.



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