Why the AAP broom must bloom in India

Despite its socialist leanings, AAP is India's best bet for the moment. Its the only party that looks at elected representatives as public servants. Every other party that has ruled India in whole or part has lorded over the citizenry. Every other party's elected representatives lived like kings with the people functioning as their vassals.

AAP promises a change to that. Which will be why every other party will try and pull it down.

Talking heads on TV including 'senior' journalists, throwbacks and hand in glove to the feudal ear in India think AAP is arrogant in its ways. I'd prefer AAP's arrogance over the shrewd destructive hypocrisy of the rest of the parties.

What I hope for AAP is that it recognizes the value of fostering free markets in India. The only chance we have at real progress that translates into prosperity, if not a decent standard of living for all lies in building and furthering free markets. In some strange way, my gut tells me AAP is moving to that albeit in a zig-zag manner.

Here's hoping The AAP broom blooms and the people of India are empowered enough to claim what is truly theirs, and theirs alone.

The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 


Rahul said…
I largely agree with AAP's approach because in my view "mad" men with a singular focus are what the country needs to impact any real change. However, I am not sure how the FDI move in Delhi will contribute to "building and furthering free markets." Why should the citizens be forced to baby sit local businesses when these businesses cant provide the best value for the lowest price? Would you rather go to Tilak Nagar and buy a crappy piece of furniture for INR 40k (with limited options), or rather have an IKEA that you can drive to and be overwhelmed with choices for a fraction of the price?

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