Careerzillas vs. Bridezillas

So my question is: why are we talking about parties as if they’re the single most important way to validate one’s life decisions? Why are we talking about bridal showers as if they’re dangerous to our culture because they celebrate marriage, when maybe the more potentially harmful part is that they’re parties? A party is a great way to share the warmth and joy of an important occasion with special people. But more and more, all we hear about is Bridezillas who turn such occasions into a nonstop orgy of attention-seeking. How would throwing a similarly narcissistic party for a career achievement make it all better?

Will creating a new generation of Careerzillas to replace Bridezillas really help women?

What if the thing that really is imperiling the confidence, wisdom, and achievements of a generation of women is the idea that everyone you know should drop everything to throw you an extravagant party? And that if you didn’t get a party for it, your accomplishment didn’t really “count”? The articles I linked to fear the pervasiveness of sexism in our culture’s celebrations — but I fear the pervasiveness of narcissism in our celebrations even more.

I traveled through Asia and no one threw a party for me. It’s not because I’m a woman. It’s because (rightfully) absolutely no one gives a hoot about my Very Special Moment unless I used it to do something special for them, too. And I like it that way.


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