Rahul Gandhi

'The opinion maker says that Rahul overemphasizes the system he wants to change without actually changing anything. Are we not fed up of the current system of politics in our great nation? Are we not always reminded and then divided based on our religion, caste and place of origin? Rahul knows this more than anybody. 

The Congress party was full of many bigots who wanted old rules to continue. When he talks about changing the system, he's talking about bringing common sense Indian values in politics. Values that bind us together -- our liking for each other, irrespective of caste and religion, our bonds of common goals in life -- of having a job or means of livelihood, of safe streets and of a near-zero corrupt functional government departments. To restore these values in politics, he's embarked on a change, first within his party and then perhaps in the government. 

The opinion maker says Rahul is an escapist: Escape for what? How's he responsible for the 1984 riots? Can he be blamed for history? In 1984, a Prime Minister was killed and barbarism erupted in Delhi. Both are acts that make us hang our heads in shame. But asking Rahul to take responsibility is like blaming us for the Partition and its aftermath.

Every soul that sins shall be punished is what the holy books have taught us.

The opinion maker says Rahul is responsible for the actions of the government. The fact is Rahul is not the government. Nor is he a minister or a bureaucrat. He is a member and a leader of a political party. Hold the Prime Minister and his cabinet responsible for actions of the central government, good or bad. 

The opinion maker says Rahul is a reluctant leader: unfortunately, in the politics of today, we are made to believe that a leader is one who's aggressive in his tone. Too bad that Rahul is like the average Indian -- calm, composed and open to reasoning. We are made to believe that a leader is one who will promise the moon. Too bad that Rahul is like the average Indian who understands that not everything can be delivered, that achievements and progress take sustained hard work and there are no short-cuts. 

History is full of example where aggressive, over-zealous leaders have led their country to misery and bankruptcy. Remember the Stalins and Maos of history.

Meanwhile, the opinion maker is out there busy making jokes, arousing passion, igniting anger and spreading disharmony.'

- Faisal Farroqui, 'Poke Me: The opinion maker is wrong about Rahul.'


Unknown said…
Even i like him for the same reasons that you mentioned in blog. I am happy even after so may years i can think like you. :)

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