Why dangerous nonsense like Earth Hour, Noah (movie), and the IPCC report succeed

The Earth Hour, the movie Noah, and the IPCC report on an impending climate change catastrophe have all come suspiciously close to one another. I guess it must be as they say, 'nonsense of the same feather flock together.'

Yet despite the nonsense, the takers for 'earth hour', 'climate change', and now 'Noah', seem to run into millions. Imagine that. Takers for nonsense! What's more, it isn't just nonsense but a dangerous one at that.


The Earth hour degrades cheap electricity, the greatest source of human liberation, and even 'hurts' the planet! The movie Noah does more than just misrepresent what is in the Bible, it turns it upside down. What about the IPCC report? The latest independent peer-reviewed NIPCC scientific report finds no link between human activity and climate change!

What's amazing about the lies being peddled is their ability to turn into dangerous default beliefs. Meaning, at some point people will not even question the earth warming story believing it to be true. They will believe Noah to be an environmentalist. They will believe we will all die if we don't switch lights off, and so on. I guess the saving grace is, marketers can learn from such lies. Weaving their products and services into 'social setups' means making it part of consumers' everyday lives, sans any questioning. If a brand is able become an unquestioned part of people's lives, their consumer-selves will buy such a brand in an automatic fashion. Now it may seem far-fetched consumers will buy without thinking. Fact is they will, because it frees them from the exertion that accompanies decision making. Also, it will allow them the indulgence of routinal order in their consumption lives.

Though it may frighten us, its easier to believe the earth is warming, that we will all die if we don't do something about it. At least that way we can switch lights off and feel smugly good about it. Its nice for us to know Noah was a vegetarian who took orders from a creator to save innocent animals. That way, we don't have to face up to issues of god-ordained morality, and strive hard to keep to them.


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