Why the first time voter won't make a difference in Indian Elections

Can and will first time voters make a difference in the 2014 Indian elections?

Nah. Don't think so.

When asked what they would want as an outcome to 2014 elections, a first time voter in Chennai replied she wanted a stop to privatization of education, so corruption could be weeded out of education. Huh? Eliminating privatization is the answer to stopping corruption? Now the kid's not to blame considering she's been brought in school and college on a staple of 'welfare economics'. She's been told, government is good, and private business is bad. Government takes care of us, private business bleed us off our money. What's made it worse is what the young voter in India sees as private business. The latter are seen as corrupt, and that's thanks to crony capitalism. Governments, one after the other have allowed for a coterie of private cronies to do business in India and rake in the moolah.

You see, its classic double whammy! Welfare economics in schools and colleges, crony capitalism out there in the sun. Its no wonder the young voter wants an end to privatization. Its unfortunate India is yet to see free markets. Its yet to teach it too. So how can you expect anyone, especially the young voter to cast the ballot in its favor?

For a brand to be part of the consumer's 'consideration-set' it must be out there teaching consumers about itself. Such teaching happens via the marketer running a communication campaign, and consumers who patronize the brand. A brand that doesn't communicate, thus teach, has scant chance in worming its way into the consumer's consideration-set.

The only way to have the young voter in India support free markets is to have him/her learn about it. First, through educational institutions, and second, via 'real' practice in a marketplace that fosters 'real' competition. Until then, its hello socialism and crony capitalism.

Free markets, who?


Anonymous said…
yes. true. that's why i didnt vote as well.

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