Why Kerala did not vote Narendra Modi

Isn't it interesting that amidst the stupendous capture of Lok Sabha seats pretty much across all of India by the Narendra Modi led BJP, the state of Kerala still did not give the triumphant party a single seat? Isn't it worth asking why the most literate state in India did not buy into Modifesto?

Here's why.

Modifesto was a promise for better times in the future for Indian citizenry, and such a promise connected like crazy with Indian voters reeling under the previous government's misrule. Meaning, almost all of India barring Kerala 'perceptually' bought into a promise of Modi led government making their lives better. The Malayalee on the hand didn't, simply because he ISN'T looking to a better future, especially one promised by government.

The malayalee already enjoys a prosperous present (global reports compare the standard of living of the malayalee to what's enjoyed by citizenry in developed nations). Note, Kerala's prosperity is not due to government, its despite it. Malayalees owe their high standard of living to their PERSONAL TOILS OVERSEAS! Their money was made via their personal toil, sweat, and blood in the Gulf, in the US., and elsewhere. Its the malayalees' foreign exchange remittances made out of careful savings that's raised their standard of living. Its not government that did them any favors, in fact the former have only made life more miserable for the average malayalee, and so promises by government of a better life have no impact on him.

Not so across India.

Along the length and breadth of our great nation people want a better future for themselves, and they saw it in the promise made by Narendra Modi. They therefore voted en masse for him. In many ways in a marketing context too, when it comes to buying for the first time, consumers buy into a promise. They buy on perceptions. Indian voters bought into a promise in overwhelming numbers.

Here's wishing our new Prime Minister the very best in delivering on that promise to India. Congratulations, Mr. Modi. 


R.V. said…
According to the blog, Kerala seems isolated from the mainstream politics of the country. Any perceptive Indian can't remain aloof from the aspirational change symbolized by Narendra Modi. However some inroads have apparently been made by BJP/NDA in Kerala, even though it failed to win a single seat. The mention about Kerala by Narendra Modi in his speech in Delhi today is indicative of the state's significance in his eyes.
Ray Titus said…
Ever heard free markets? Limited Government, perhaps? Being a libertarian free marketer, I am not in awe of government. The only job I believe government has is preservation of liberty. So I am not in raptures at the mention of Kerala in the speech.

I'll wait and watch. After all, talk is cheap. Just so you know, the latest statement coming out from the BJP says multibrand retail in India is still not welcome. Meaning for now the bania community scores over consumers!

Change, eh? Like I said its early days! :)

P.S. - If interested, I'd recommend a read of the Milton Friedman classic, 'Free to choose'. Or at least watch the video series.

lovableguyoncam said…
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