American football viewership numbers rising! Beware!

America tuning in big numbers to watch the world cup is in part about the game catching on in the United States. Plus its only going to get bigger, that is if the US national teams keeps winning the way it did against Ghana. The other part to this 'sport-viewing shift' is demography driven, and that I believe is worrisome.

Nielsen ratings say 15.9 million viewers in United States tuned into the USA - Ghana game. Though the reigning numbers are still in favor of Super Bowl, my bet is football numbers will move in direct correlation to an immigration policy that opens up American borders the way the liberals want it. More immigrants means more football viewership. Flip it over and it says more football viewership is more immigrants, especially those from south of the border.

More football is thus symptomatic of a dilution to the American way of life. The way Barack would want it. The way its currently happening. It also means a lessening assimilation into the American way of life. Now I am not saying the beautiful game should not have viewers in America, all I am pointing to is the ominous sign such viewing points to. Mark my words. if football viewer numbers increase, Democrats will be unbeatable in the days to come. The sheer numbers that will vote liberal (read, Democrat) will be overwhelming. Hillary may even make it, and the unraveling of America and liberty will be complete.

In time it will then be bye bye United States of America, and welcome Third World!


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