Dealing with Obnoxious Behaviour

As Jaden flirts with obnoxious behavior at home, we are doing our best to make it clear that's unacceptable. Of course, this phase had to come. After all, in a world that ups the 'Vagina Monologues' to art status, thinks nothing about the disgusting slaughter of babies in wombs calling it the power of women making choices, where Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev featured on Rolling Stone cover makes it to the 'hottest' list, the obnoxious does and will find superlative value.

Tell you what, it sometimes feels like a losing battle. But we know this for sure. The battle for dignity and class can be won, must be won, and it will be up to us. The two things we will have to do to ensure Jaden only flirts with unacceptable behavior and doesn't make it a habit will be to, one, exhibit zero tolerance to such behavior, and two, never indulge in it ourselves.

Now that's where Alphy comes in as our gift from God. If there's a lady on the planet, I must tell you its Alphy. I sometimes wonder how is it possible for someone to not even harbor a terrible thought, and then I know its a gift given to a minuscule few straight from heaven. Alphy got it, I have to work at it. Alphy is lady personified, I battle to get close to dignified behavior.

For now I am positive Jaden will make it, but we'll still keep close scrutiny. On him, and of course, yours truly. So we don't let obnoxious slip into default mode in behavioral exhibitions. That would be disastrous. Its much like addictive consumption. Its starts with flirting with a 'sick' consumption choice, then grows because its unchecked, and finally traipses into default behavior territory. The consumer exhibiting such behavior may not even be aware he/she is addicted.

What a pity. Which is why we are currently on our guard, and on the lookout. 


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