Marketers win where Parents fail

Most dysfunctional adult behavior can be traced back to lousy parenting. What's of course tragic is most parents never know they've dished out rules and norms that have stunted the maturing process for their children. What's even more tragic is kids who grow up never realize they were recipients of lousy parenting.

Guess what's the fallout of that? A continuation of lousy parenting. Down generations.

Neither the parent, not the child who grows up to be a parent ever realize something was wrong with the way they parented, or were subject to parenting. The reason why such realization doesn't see the light of day is twofold. One, the practice of self-reflection is scarce. Meaning, parents almost never sit down to question their parenting. Kids who grow up to be parents too resist assessing the parenting they were subject to, which is why they continue with dysfunctional parenting that then keeps dysfunctional behavior alive and kicking across generations.

The second reason why realization is scarce is because culturally we are tuned to not question. Parents being raised onto pedestals via social conditioning means any questioning of parenting (or anything else) is not just encouraged, it may even be met with hostility. In fact, I can almost sense and feel the heckles this post may raise among the converted who are tied to their illusions via their socio-cultural omerta pledges!

Face it. Squarely. Most adult dysfunctional behavior is bred via lousy parenting!

The practice of marketing on the other hand, unlike parenting, cannot survive if there's no practice of reflection. Thankfully, marketers engage in greater reflection than parents. They know consumers far more than parents know their children. Which explains why marketers outdo parents in exacting loyalty.

I know. Pity. 


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