The Bounce-House illustration of Human Psyche; Mine

We troop to the mall last weekend and Brooklyn finds an inflated playhouse set up outside. She insists she wants to do the tumbling act inside the bounce-house. I am reluctant, and this is why.

Classic case of perception formation, learning, and attitude adoption. Then retrieval and an exhibition of behavior.

The news story catches my eye because as a stimuli it engages the anxious parent in me. I take the information in and form a perception of how dangerous an inflated playhouse can get. I read more, watch the tragic video, and learn. What follows is an attitude that's made up of an unfavorable disposition towards inflated playhouses. This predisposition is retained via my long term memory, retrieved at a later time when I encounter the bounce-house outside a mall. What makes it worse is the learning I've had about how most of what you encounter in India are death-traps in disguise.

So what do I do?

I take a walk around the damn thing to see if its fastened to the ground. Its seems to be. I think I should take a chance. Brooklyn's sad face finally tips it. Soon I hear her sequels of delight and it warms my heart like no other. We return home hours later. All intact.

Praise God.

We've survived another day. 


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