The Mental Disorder of Liberalism & the Case for Death Penalty

Liberals are the part of the reason why our children, or most vulnerable face danger from sexual predators. In my book, liberalism is a mental disorder (I stand firmly with Michael Savage on the issue). Any movement that says it is wrong for a state by law to execute heinous predators, and fights for the right to slaughter unborn babies must be a diseased one.

In shifting focus away from death penalty as legitimate punishment, liberals point to the sorry state of convictions and tell us we must focus on bettering legal processes. Of course we must, but that's no reason why we should take death penalty off the books. Note my arguments on why the state has a right to take life. I will now focus on why taking lives (via due process of law) can engineer deterrence.

The behaviorist school of learning believes learning to be a 'stimulus-response' process. The cognitive school sees it as an act of 'information processing'. Here's how the animals who assault our women and children 'learn'. These predators first test their deranged acts to gauge what happens in response. A state that does not come down heavily on such acts, responding with feeble punishments is encouragement to the predator to upgrade his demented act. In learning theory, this is termed 'instrumental conditioning'. Action outcomes will determine if those acts are pursued or abandoned. Then there's a compounding of the problem. No death penalty, or feeble responses to predatorial acts have a way of getting around as information in a society. Other predators who lie in wait process the information and conclude they can get away, because they have evidence to show no one goes to the gallows. So they move in and sexual crimes skyrocket.

To protect our children and women from evil predators we need a legal system that acts, and with speed. We also equally need a legal system that has on the books death penalty as punishment meted out in the 'rarest of rare' crimes. The rarest of rare must include sexual assault on children and women.

That's our only choice left.

Here's hoping that happens. Here's also hoping the animals allegedly behind the sexual assault in Bangalore go (once convicted by law) to the gallows!


Unknown said…
This one particular blog entry caught my eye, though i would require a little more clarification in the way you define liberalism, but its the 'No-proper-consequences' to such heinous crimes is what caught my eye. It is one thing I completely agree upon i.e these things are going to continue until there are consequences to such acts, which also motivates me to share this particular video with you where a stand-up comedian subtly put his views forward on this sensitive matter. The best part about it is, it makes you think. It is a must watch.
Here is the link:

-Pronali Mukherjee
Ray Titus said…
Hi P,

Yup, I pretty much agree to the stand up comic in the video. As to who a liberal is, the link below gives the answer -

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