What marketers can learn from MasterChef Australia

I've said it before, I am saying it again. The act of cooking and that of eating are way behind in my list of priorities. In fact, I don't think much about either of those exertions. Yet despite harboring such 'poor' attitudes, the latest version of MasterChef Australia has grabbed my eyeballs like no other. I've even agreed to forgo newstime for the cooking show. Needless to say, Alphy is pleased.

The real revelation from the show? Its about people! Food's incidental to the people story. Sure its about food, but its really not about food, its about people. No wonder I can't take my eyes off.

The lesson to marketers? Its about people and their lives, dimwits! Its not your products and services that matter. Its about them being need-solutions that help people live their lives better. If you can't get that, meaning you are obsessed with your glorious products and services, you frankly don't deserve any consumer patronage. If by chance you are having consumers buy from you despite your lack of the solution-mindset, consider yourself plain lucky. Also that you have no competition may be why consumers are buying (remember India, pre-liberalization?).

If you have a bit of sense you can draw on, you'll scramble to script the solution story. Meaning you'll focus on consumers and their lives. Not your products and services!

Here's wishing you do that!


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