The Giver & The Taker

If you look close enough at "The Giver," it's all there: helicopter parents; everyone gets a trophy; self-medicating away the anxieties of everyday life; how handing over your personal responsibilities to a nanny state is really the handing over of your personal liberty.

The movie asks…

Are Prozac and bike helmets and ObamaCare and play-dates really better than wrestling life to the ground, the wind in your hair, the pride that comes with the struggle of making your own way in the world, and growing up like The Little Rascals?

The movie understand that…

If you want to live in world where you can feel a child's laughter instead of just hear it, see the trees instead of just look at them, and know the inexpressible joy of being awaken up by a cold wet nose attached to a puppy, then you will live in a world with war, famine, disease and dog poop.

On the issue of abortion, "The Giver" doesn't fool around. Watching an otherwise decent man bloodlessly kill an unwanted baby, and feel nothing because society has taught him this life means nothing, is not science fiction. This abomination occurs more than a million times a year right here in America...

"The Giver" is rated PG-13 because it has the courage of its convictions. The moments are brief, but that a free man can be a lowdown son of a bitch is made clear.


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