What the Michael Brown shooting is really about

The Michael Brown case is as much about a narrative being built and reinforced in the public space as it is about a shooting. A certain section of the black community in America, along with their race-hustler leaders, and amply aided by a race-hustling media build and reinforce the 'poor black victim' narrative by seizing at opportunities like this tragic one.

The reason why they do it is 'cos it suits them perfectly well. It ensures their 'victim identity' stays intact, which in turn brings with it social benefits. Such social handouts then ensure they can bypass the toils that come with 'earning wealth' through legitimate means. 'Big Mike' Brown (if the video indeed features him) wasn't spending his earned money to buy stuff at a store. He was robbing it!

Why rob? Ask the liberals and they will present 'victimization' as why young black males turn to usurping other people's hard earned wealth through the use of force (watch the video and you'll know what I mean). Big Mike wasn't doing anything of his free will, they will say. His hand was forced, they will say. Push the narrative further, and they'll even say, what's wrong with stealing? If you say it is wrong to steal, they will talk about how their ancestors were wronged.

You see, the narrative must go on. It suits them perfectly well. It suits race hustlers like Jesse Jackson just fine. So it does for liberal lame-stream media like CNN whose core audiences are narrative-pushers .

What a pity. Disgusting too.

Now to the business of Marketing. Lifestyle consumption that consumers engage in is so a constructed narrative leads to a desired identity in the public space. Brand patronage is so other people see and make impressions. I do the luxury brands so I can have you see me as 'sophisticated'. I slap on the torn jeans so you spot the 'rebel' in me, and so on.

The vandalism and protest that Ferguson endured has less to do with a community's grief over a shooting. Its simply their way of pushing a narrative that suits them. 


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