How Pahlaj Nihalani did 'Udta Punjab' a favour

If Pahlaj Nihalani's intention was to keep Punjab's 'image' intact by clamping down on 'Udta Punjab', he's failed miserably. Plus he's achieved the opposite. Right about now I can bet all of India knows Punjab's got a 'drug problem'. Plus he's done Udta Punjab a yuuuge favor. He's got a fellow like me who thinks (unfairly, I admit) Bollywood dishes out the dumbest fare possible, interested in a B-town movie. Oh, that and the fact that he's ensured all of India possibly is clued in on the UdtaP release!

UdtaP should thank Pahlaj for the best publicity ever with a zero communication spend. Me even thinks Pahlaj and fellows like him do marketers a big favor by ensuring their brands reach a target audience via free publicity. In an era where marketer messages have been dwarfed by social noise, UdtaP's got a leg up, the best way possible. Of course there still remain the problems of 'cuts' and 'release date'.

Here's hoping UdtaP flies onto screens in time and sans any cuts. Fingers crossed!


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