Why the Economist's take on illegal immigration is daft

I am not surprised the Economist parades 'facts' to counter the anti-refugee sentiments prevailing among sections of the American public. Its important to note facts aka statistics spread falsehoods as much as they inform us of what is 'really' happening. So for example, statistically the probability that someone invades your home and causes you and your family harm if you leave your doors open at night may be minuscule based on historical data analysis. Is that then reason for you to leave your doors ajar at night? What if that minuscule statistic to the contrary becomes you?

Its easy to conclude that a minuscule percentage cause all harm in society. However, if you construe that as no requirements for precautions on your side, that ushers you into the hallways of rank idiocy, a known bastion of liberal thought. I am willing to concede illegal immigrants may still not be the big problem, but illegal immigration surely is! Why? 'Cos it breaks laws! A society that actively condones breaking of laws will look down the barrel sometime in the future. By then illegal immigrants may 'really' have become the problem!

In marketing too, its important to know how to construe data analysis. Take for example, digital adoption rates. Low numbers for now (1 in 6 Indians goes online) shouldn't prompt a marketer from dropping the virtual platform from their marketing radar. Sure, consumers may not be on now, but they will by the time you blink. By then it would be too late as competition may have whizzed past you.

As for the issue of illegal immigration, every country has a responsibility to first look after its own citizens. Just like every family needs to look out for itself before it looks at others. Stepping up for others in need must be done, and done voluntarily with necessary precautions. So folks, never mind statistical data, keep you doors shut at night and open them to charity when the sun is up and your'e sure its safe!

Stay safe. Stay well.


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