Kalmane Koffee, Leaky Cups, Penny-wise, & Pound-foolish

So I have a meeting today at Kalmane Koffee over coffee. My order is a Cappuccino. It comes in a paper cup with a steel spoon, sugar sachets, and a paper napkin on the side. The tray in which all that comes over is wet and my napkin is precariously close to the pool of water sitting still on the tray. Thankfully the paper doesn't get soaked. I am surprised I am given a steel tea spoon and not a stirrer. I am assuming the idea may be to save on a disposable like the stirrer. Of course, I don't know for sure.

I stir the sugar into the coffee and the thin paper cup bottom gives way, and coffee seeps through on to the table. I ask for a replacement and I am given one. I gingerly stir this time knowing the heavy spoon is partly why the problem occurred, and though there's still leakage through the bottom, it isn't as bad as before. I manage to finish my coffee.

Ideas that save costs like these (not providing a disposable stirrer, using thinner paper cups that cost lesser) are downright dumb. That's 'cos they may bring down costs but lose you customers like me who are turned off by the leaking paper cups.

In vintage language such foolishness is termed, 'Penny-wise, Pound-foolish'!  


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