Will Chevrolet shatter perceptions? Depends on who consumers 'learn' from!

There's two sources of learning (about products and brands) out there for consumers. They can either learn from marketers, from reference groups that populate the marketplace, or both.

The source consumers go to, to learn depends on the kind of purchase decision they are making. A high-risk purchase sees them learning more from reference groups, and less from marketers. A company like Chevrolet that sells cars would do well to know that. Through their latest broadcast campaign they are 'teaching' consumers about how 'fun' and 'sensible' a 'Beat' is. Its Chevrolet's way of 'shattering perceptions'. Now here's the bad news for the company. If a potential consumer comes to me, a Chevrolet owner (and therefore a reference group) for advice, they'll learn the exact opposite. They'll learn that Chevrolet cars may be good, but their service sucks. That the guys at the service place will keep telling you they don't have stock of spare-parts and so on. My guess tells me potential consumers will then have doubts.

If the Chevrolet guys in India intend to sell their cars, they should quit putting money in advertising campaigns, and engage with reference groups their potential consumers will reach out to.

To 'learn' what its really like to own a Chevrolet! 


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