Da da ding Nike & the battle for our minds

Jaden woke up on his own this morning. Early too. That's 'cos he's got a field trip he's going to from school. He was all excited last evening. Thinking about the trip all evening meant his brain primed him to wake his body up. Jaden's body did the bidding of his mind eliminating the need for his father to do the wakey routine.

Everything that happens to us in body begins in the head. In fact, our bodies willingly heed the machinations of our mind. Now that's true with Marketing too. Brands first prise into consumer heads with their compelling communiques and subdue minds. The subsequent patronage sees bodies falling in line to the bidding of primed consumer minds. The exhilaration that grips our bodies when our feet sport Nikes for example, is an outcome of our subdued-believing minds. Its now wonder Ries and Trout called it a 'battle for our minds'.

Da, da, ding, folks! Up and bow to the marketer. Just do it! 


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