Dove & what convoluted Marketing looks like

'Chubby cheeks, rosy lips....There is more than one kind of beautiful.....Let's break the rules of beauty...#Change the rhyme....'

Joking or serious, Dove/HUL?

Let me get this right. You sell stuff that 'moisturizes', 'nourishes'...etc, right? You think that works with consumers 'cos they are worried the chemicals in most body/skin/hair care products cause dryness? You believe Dove is the answer to their worries 'cos all your products 'moisturize', 'nourish', and so on? If I am right, what is 'breaking the rules of beauty' about? Plus, why encourage such behavior? Common sense tells you if people are happy with their bodies the way they are, why would they need Dove?

Dove's campaign about 'changing the rules' is a classic case of 'convoluted Marketing'. In trying to appear socially conscious the brand dabbles in nonsensical communiques (so what if the Olympics are on) that have nothing to do with who they are or the products they sell. Face it. Dove and other beauty brands exist 'cos we are insecure about bodies and ourselves. Plus, we'll always be that way for the next million years.

Its pure denial on our part to pretend otherwise. Just as it is pure hypocrisy on Dove's part to pretend to care.


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