In Business & Society, there are only 'Absolutes', no 'Relatives'!

Brooklyn's steely li'l face seems to suggest she's just about okay with what Alphy's packed for her short break. Then she demands to know more. What is Jaden getting in his pack, and why? Plus she checks if she can pick her choice for short break. If she can't, why not?

In purchase scenarios, consumers too go through the same motions. Before every buy they demand to know, or check as much as possible what other buyers are getting. They also see what other brands are offering so they can make the 'best' choice possible. In marketing lingo we call that an attempt to 'maximize on value'. Value assessments in social and business arenas are almost always relative. Never absolute. To keep li'l Brookie satisfied we gotta keep in mind what we do for her brother.

Now you know why parenting is such a great teacher! 


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