ITC-Ashirwad's wickedly clever marketing ways

Its one thing to position a brand well. Its another to reposition competition in minds of target consumers, and then position a brand accordingly. The latter is wickedly clever marketing!

So when Ashirwad (ITC) uses the TOI front page to ask, 'Are you sure your ghee is pure cow ghee?', it first sows the seeds of doubt in the minds of consumers about their current ghee-brand patronage. Further copy in the ITC-Ashirwad Ad proclaims 'Ashirwad Svasti' ghee to be pure cow ghee; 'made from pure cow's milk'. Meaning not from 'impure cow milk'. Now you know who they are referring to with the impure bit, don't you?!

Smart brands are those that can occupy a distinct space in the minds of their target consumers. Wickedly smart ones are those that take a swipe at competition along the way, relegating them to unwanted spaces in the minds of consumers.

ITC, you wicked clever thing!


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