Sub-culture, Language, & Cohort formation

Just recently I was among a large gathering, listening to a set of speakers. One of the invited speakers broke 'language convention' to speak in his mother-tongue. No sooner had he uttered his first word, a substantial chunk of the audience broke into raucous cheers. Sitting beside I deduced the claps and whistles were from those in the crowd that shared the same 'mother tongue' with the speaker.

Take note.

Identities in India borrow from sub-cultural variables that include shared languages. As a result when people hear someone speak the same 'local' language as they do, they unconsciously form a bond. The affinity they experience is almost automatic. Its important to recognize sub-cultures in India contribute to a sense of cohort-hood. Part of that banding together happens due to a shared language. To get a targeted sub-cultural cohort to connect with your brands you have to pander to their sub-cultural identities. Meaning among others, your brands must speak their language.

Marketers, take note.


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