The Brand Equity reason behind Maggi's comeback

I am ecstatic Maggi is back with bang! In fact I had more than year ago cautioned on the Maggi-bashing some were doing. To know Maggi now enjoys a market share of 57 percent is gratifying. Goes to show how strong the brand is.

Goes also to show why brand building is the key to long term market sustainability. When you build a brand, you invest in intangible equity that will serve you well in the long run. Consumers flocking back to Maggi is a testament to the equity the brand enjoys with its target set of consumers. If you were to run a survey on Maggi in India, you'll find the brand doing great on all the four dimensions of brand equity as conceptualized by Aaker, namely, brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand associations, and perceived quality.

The Maggi lesson is one every business must learn. That to stay put in a competitive marketplace, you have to invest in building a brand.

Go Maggi! 


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