The error-prone KFC & why machines are the future

Our kids are why we went to KFC. The food and service was bad as it could get. The wrap was tasteless. The kids complained about chicken popcorn. It was soggy, tasteless, and color looked it was dead for hours. The Virgin Mojito-no ice first came as a Cola, and then as a VM with ice.

It was a mess, and its to easy to see why.

Its the people, stupid! Unlike machines, humans in a system are error prone. To eliminate human errors you have clamp down with a standard operating procedure that is near perfect. Then you have to ensure there is a regimented following of set procedures. Of course, even then you can't completely eliminate human errors. So its never going to be perfect. If you want perfection, eliminate people. I know its getting close to that.

Will I prefer a totally automated KFC in the future? Frankly, I don't know. 


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