Who's the real culprit in Kaali-Peeli & Uber-Ola war?

Back in May, Scroll, a regulation loving publication ran a story with the headline,
'Unfair competition? How Uber and Ola are killing livelihoods of Mumbai's auto and taxi drivers'. I chanced upon the article while searching for a story on Kaali-Peeli taxis hitting back at App based competition with discounted fares.

I wish the guys at Scroll knew who the real culprit always is when it comes to killing of livelihoods. So everybody, here's the bare naked truth! Its consumers! Consumers are who snatch away livelihoods of business owners by refusing to extend their patronage. Don't blame competition. Blame consumers. When consumers use Ola and Uber to call for taxis, they deny Kaali-Peelis their livelihoods. Of course, the million dollar question is, what can the Kaali-Peelis do? Simple. Earn back consumer patronage. Create better value for those who keep them in business in comparison to competition!

So here's the market wisdom all businesses must heed. Consumers shut down your businesses, not competition. They do so by taking their patronage to your competitors. If you want your shutters to open every morning, you better obsess every previous night on how to deliver to consumers, superior value.

If you can't and you don't, you will go the Kaali-Peeli way. That's a guarantee.


Unknown said…
The "Kaali-Peeli" and the OLA n Uber are barely any competition..In today's market where the app based cab services are generating immensely superior customer value everyday, the normal taxis are only degrading themselves (poor customer relation, lack of sophistication, inferior quality cabs, etc.).. For them to survive against the giants, they either need to give a major competition to them on the fares or generate a value that "OLBER" has not generated yet..

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