Why its daft for Baba Ramdev & Patanjali to go anti-MNC

Though some experts think Baba Ramdev's doing the smart positioning move with Patanjali's anti-MNC stance, I am convinced its as daft as it can get.

Here's why.

To get positioning right, a brand's gotta occupy a 'distinct' space in the mind of its target consumers. Plus the space it latches on to needs to be 'relevant'. With its jingoist anti-MNC stance, Patanjali sure is conjuring up a 'distinct' image. The problem starts with the 'relevance' parameter. Patanjali with its body bars, instant food, and other stuff wants to make it big with the middle income masses in India. The question is, does jingoism matter to them? Or does such a positioning stance only matter to the 'right wing'?

If Patanjali's target group is the 'right wing', the nationalist blah-blah is near perfect. Not so for the rest. When it comes to the centrist masses, taking the anti-MNC route is a losing proposition 'cos the the former don't care a whit for such 'negativity'! if I had a chance to dole some Marketing advice, I'd recommend Patanjali to embrace a positivist approach to positioning. Meaning, I'd tell them to scream hoarse about how they are giving the masses in India 'better value' vis-a-vis the MNCs with their lower prices and at par quality.

Hey, why am I convinced my advice is about to fall on deaf ears?


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