Should Mocambo worry about Zomato rating & the social media storm?

Now that Mocambo's rating on Zomato has nosedived, should the restaurant worry? What about negative publicity and the storm on social media? Should Mocambo change its ways, and that too with a public statement?


On the brand's patrons. If current Mocambo goers and potential ones turn away from the restaurant, then the brand must worry. Else it can carry on as usual. Whatever anyone may think, a brand should only heed its current/loyal and potential customers. Other opinions and attitudes don't matter. If you ask me, I am doubtful whether this particular incident will affect Mocambo's patrons in any way. In fact me thinks there may even be patrons who agree with what Mocambo did. Being cautious about jumping to conclusions, I'd venture to say what may seem like class discrimination may in fact have been an attempt to preserve a brand's image. The refusal of entry may be in keeping with a policy that seeks to ensure Mocambo remains a premium dining place for rich and upper middle class customers.

About whether Mocambo could have managed the refusal to offer service better and with grace, and sans any belittlement; you bet! Now that's probably a skill (graceful denials) most service brands including Mocambo don't possess and do nothing about.

Here's hoping there's a PR lesson learnt from the Mocambo saga.


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