Who is superior, Man or Woman? What about Marketers?

I am not about to rehash the jaded argument about how women have broken the ceiling in all arenas. Of course, they have.


I don’t believe in the nonsense of ‘equality’. Truth is, nothing is ever equal. A few things are superior and better, most are nowhere close. So have women attained equal status with men? I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. ‘Cos in my book, the woman I know and have lived with for a decade and half is clearly superior! To me!


Before I tell you that, here’s my two cents on superior beings. Unlike what you’ve been told to believe, it isn’t about the fancy title at work or social status that dictate people’s place in society. That’s mere social varnish; stuff people adorn themselves with so they can pretend they are on the ‘top’. It is a pity that’s what they are telling women to go after. Rising to the ‘top’ of humankind isn’t about acquiring the blings and swags.  Instead it is about personal mastery. The superior being is one who has bravely unravelled the self, keeping it in check, mining it for purposes of psychological growth. The superior being is one who’s able to step outside the selfish, stifling confines of oneself to grow others. At home, the lady of the house is amazing grace under pressure. Class at all times, in mind and spirit. Therefore almost never a terrible thought, and everything she does reeks of dignity and poise.
I’ve always wondered how she got here. Maybe its genetics, maybe conditioning, maybe even faith. Frankly, I don’t know.

Now to the world of business and marketing. Superior marketers aren’t the noise makers. They are the quiet ones solidly delivering on customer value. In doing so, they have taken their people along. They’ve done it with a culture that’s open and transparent. Also, they’ve gone beyond themselves with a purpose that includes others in society. They’ve done it for real, and not as CSR varnish. I agree, such marketers and businesses are rare. Guess what, that’s true for people too. It is the rare man or woman who is superior!

Happy Women’s Day, folks!


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