Note, it’s a Consumer problem, not a Pepsi problem.

So there are many out there lauding Virat Kohli’s decision to disassociate with Pepsi. While I agree that Kohli is free to do what he wants based on his ‘values’, I wonder what it is that makes people think Pepsi is the problem.

Why is that fingers always point towards brands, and never at buyers/consumers? Is it a convenient way to absolve all personal responsibility? I guess it’s easier for us to say the ‘fork made me fat’ than take a deep look at our gluttonous ways. Pepsi and Virat glugging the frothy liquid on screen is why I am unhealthy, we charge! It ain’t us, it’s them! The brands are the bad guys, we are just innocent gullible victims.

Yeah, right!

In free marketplaces, buyers have every right not to buy anything they believe isn’t in their best interests. Of course, that many a times is an outcome of self-control, which in turn requires that we drop our notions of victim-hood.

Note, that’s how the Pepsi problem gets solved!


Unknown said…
Sir. But in case of children . they dont know what is good or bad for them. I mean under 10 age. Though I am all for freedom of consumer's

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