The Marketing Lesson Emmanuel Macron should learn

Amateur enthusiasm makes for lousy marketing. The former is what Emmanuel Macron should be wary about in the wake of his amateur clarion call to American scientists, entrepreneurs etc.. He wanted the lot from across the Atlantic to come running over to France. now that Trump's America is out of the Paris Accord.

Macron should take lessons in Marketing, especially this one. He needs to know great marketing starts with the buyer. To sell anything including an 'invite', you must first know how buyers buy. Now take a look at France as a business destination proposition. According to the 'Ease of Doing Business Index', France dropped one place from 28 in 2016, to 29. Meaning this year, its gotten slightly more difficult to do business in France. Where is the US currently at? 8. It dropped one place from last year. A drop of one place to 8 for the US has people up in arms. If that be the case, imagine France at 29!

You see, Macron needs to understand that smart scientists and businessmen don't process marketing messages at a peripheral level based on emotions. On the contrary, resource commitment requirements push decision-making into the rational zone; meaning decision makers will first process information before coming to conclusions. That in turn means Macron's message will be heard but not heeded. Why? 'Cos investors, on processing information, will learn that France in comparison to the US is almost 4 times more worse off when it comes to 'ease of doing business'!

Tho' it's early days for Macron, it is time he smarts up on making France a talent and investment destination. That means he and his government machinery should work on easing regulations so it's easier for people to come, work and invest in France. If I could give Macron some advice, I'd say get over cowboy handshakes and amateur emotive videos. Fast.

Then go learn some Marketing! 


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