Why Americans should thank Russians & Potential Buyers should thank Consumers.

For the life of me, I can't understand why American liberals are crying hoarse over Russian interference in their Presidential elections. There's even a Wiki page on the subject, for crying out loud!

Now how is it interference if, when the Americans went to polls, they had complete control over who they voted for?  Last I checked, all the Russians did was leak material that could influence an American's Presidential vote. You call that interference? What would you then call the millions of Ad dollars Hillary spent to influence American voters? Legitimate interference? Then you brand the Russian leaks as illegitimate? Give me a break! If fact, Americans should be thanking the former Commies! The leaks they did gave US. citizens access to 'credible' information about a candidate and the party, in comparison to the syrupy garbage and half-truths they got via campaign advertising. Now, don't tell me you are angry the Russians didn't leak Trump info. Of course, they didn't! Why should they? They weren't doing what they did for anyone else's sake than their own! Just like the Hillary guys looked out only for what benefited them. Sure, they said it was about the American people. Seriously, you believe that?!

Hey, aren't we all looking out for ourselves?! What's so new about that?!

In the Marketing world, buyers should thank digital media platforms and consumers who throng it. 'Cos the latter tell us potential buyers their experiences as consumers. Helps us get credible information about brands in comparison to the illusionary garbage advertising piles on to us. Tell you what, as a buyer I am delighted to have 'real' information about brands from my fellow consumers.

On a similar note, I recommend the Americans thank the Russians! 


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