The Advertising feats of Udar Arogya & Sweat Slim Belt, & why it doesn’t matter.

Turning on the idiot box for my daily dose of news means starting with the D2H home channel. That in turn means 15 seconds of exposure to, at times, the old man waxing eloquent about an herbal concoction that can do the 'toilet trick'. Then there’s people demonstrating how a belt fastened around your midriff can make you either a chick-magnet or get you into clothes SuperGirl can.

A year of those 15 seconds of exposure and this is the outcome. I can now remember and recall that ‘Udar Arogya’ can get you through your morning blushes without an incident, and ‘Sweat Slim Belt’ can up your social acceptance numbers. In information processing parlance this is how you should see it. The advertising stimuli presented by the brands first got into the sensory store in my head, then moved into the short term one, and finally lodged themselves firmly in my long term memory. What’s aided this movement into a territory that allows me to recall and retrieve, is the constant repetition of stimuli with continuous exposure.

Now here’s why none of this matters. Though I give all credit to the brands for trooping into my long term memory, I fault them for not making me a believer. Why don’t I believe? Pin that firmly of my psyche. I have always been sceptical of herbal concoctions and zero-exertion fixes. Oh, and the fact that there’s enough fibre in my food, and the staunch belief that the stuff in my head is a bigger turn-on than the stuff at my midriff!


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