Nestle' and the story of a ‘satisfied’ loyal.

The dairy whitener I use has always been, and is from Nestle'. So my morning coffee cuppa gets made with a Nestlé product (Everyday dairy whitener), and it seems like I’ve been sticking with the brand forever.
My ‘forever’ patronage is why you can call me a ‘brand loyal’ buyer.
Research shows that brand loyalists are either ‘satisfied loyal’ or ‘committed loyal’. One of the factors that differentiate the two is the level of ‘emotional connection’. The former share a ‘light’ emotional connection with their brands, whereas the latter are heavily emotionally invested. In this post I want to focus on 'satisfied loyal', because I am one. The brand and product in question is Nestlé’s Everyday dairy whitener.
The critical variable that drives my loyalty is ‘dependability’. Meaning, I can depend on Nestlé’s dairy whitener to do its job day after day. The white stuff mixes like charm with boiling water and coffee. Great taste and zero lumps. Competing brands can’t do that. Nope, they can’t. I've tried the others with terrible results; lousy taste and lotsa lumps.
To engineer 'satisfied loyalists' (note, not 'committed loyal') all brands need to do is deliver solidly on ‘dependability’. That in turn is a delivery of category benefits that operate in utility territory better than competition; plus consistently.


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