The 3 compelling reasons why Flipkart's push notification got a click-through.

I am traveling to work, and as usual the push notifications start coming in on my mobile phone. Most I just glance at and close. In fact data shows open-rates for push notifications are dropping (though it’s still better than text messages and e-mails). Then the big daddy of online retail, Flipkart slips one in. It reads against a colorful-picturey background, ‘Jaw Dropping Deals! Only for 4 hours! Take a Peek! 

I open my first notification for the day. 

Here are 3 reasons why I did it.

1. Arrested Attention – The first line that read ‘jaw dropping deals’ caught my attention. Though I am used to notifications proclaiming ‘great deals’ almost all the time, this one sounded better. This particular one was promising me deals that would be ‘jaw dropping’. My curiosity was piqued, and that was the first trigger that gave the notification a chance at a click-through.

2. Persuasive Consideration – When the notification said ‘4 hours’, it meant now was my only chance at figuring what the deals were. Once I got to work, I wouldn’t find the time. Plus if the four hours elapsed, I’d miss out on probably a few super deals. By bringing in a time-constraint the notification further triggered me to consider an immediate open. 

3. Cheeky Action – For brands a buy-in ultimately makes sense only when communiques finally prompt consumers to act. Flipkart’s notification was teasing me to take a peek. It was in a way saying, ‘Go on, take a look; it won’t hurt. It’s only a peek, dude’. I agreed. It was just a peek. After all, how much time would it take? Of course, my curiosity got the better of me.

The click-through was achieved.

Take a bow, Flipkart. 

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