Salman Bhai and why there are two loud camps exulting & heartbroken out there.

Right now, the loudest of people out there can be clearly divided into two camps, namely, those that are exulting at Bhai finally getting the slammer, and those that are screaming hoarse there’s no justice in the world. Each of the sides is digging in on their positions, unwilling to see merit anywhere else. 

To understand the sides being taken and the positions being held, you have to uncover what’s behind such behavior. Note, when choices are made from options available it’s driven by an underlying attitude harbored. Attitudes on their part get made via learning. In fact, attitudes are defined as learned predispositions towards objects. How people learn varies from one context to another and one person to another. In the consumption context, learning can happen before and after a purchase. Learning can happen via active efforts made, and in passive manners via repeated stimuli exposure.   

Okay back to the Bhai story now. Never mind the Blackbucks, those in the camp that want Bhai in the slammer pronto, are those that loathe him (read, harbor negative attitudes). Ditto for the opposite camp when it comes to how they feel; except that they find Bhai endearing (read, harbor positive attitudes). The positive and negative attitudes harbored towards Bhai are most definitely an outcome of what either camps have learned about the man. How they learnt, I don’t know. Maybe it was the media reports, maybe the nature of the controversies, maybe his movies, and so on. Whatever, we now know the people have split into two camps. Can attitudes currently harbored by either camps change? Of course!

If Bhai needs the rival camp to come around to his side, he should first take a Marketing class on knowing the elements that make up attitude, identify the ones working against him, and then work towards fixing them in his favor. 

Guess what, something tells me the man just doesn’t give a damn!


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