Dragon, Dragon...everywhere...

The Chinese toy quality scare has not affected consumers in India too much. Especially amongst the eastern part of India, consumers seem to revel in Chinese goods.

The items bought by households range from toothpicks, toys, thermoses and blankets to high-end furniture, floor tiles and electrical goods manufactured in the Middle Kingdom. And the import list, conservatively estimated at about 5,000 broadly categorised items, is only growing. The West Bengal Chamber of Commerce estimates that each household in the eastern region uses at least five Chinese-made items daily.

The reasons behind the popularity of Chinese goods -
  1. Their attractive pricing, due to economies of scale as well as 'surreptitious subsidies' by the Chinese government.
  2. Chinese manufacturers are far more innovative than their Indian counterparts and, since they cater intensively to Western markets, are fully conversant with latest design trends, which they incorporate in their goods.
  3. Dramatic change in perception, even among the discerning and brand-conscious who now consider Chinese goods on an average to be of good quality.
  4. Sheer range of Chinese goods that sell in enormous volumes that include, toothbrushes, footwear, underwear, clothes, automobile accessories, lighting, bathroom fixtures, a whole range of electrical and electronic goods, quilts and blankets, bed linen, utensils, crockery and cutlery, drapes, shower curtains, writing and musical instruments, computers and peripherals, bags and luggage, toys and even idols of Hindu gods and goddesses.

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Unknown said…
Well India indeed is of late chinesed!!!But I came across this article, which is an eye opener. Some facts about the items which China exports has resulted in an uproar in US.China's export Products violate all kinds of quality laws.Lead was found in the toys and a number of banned material was detected in other products.when a reporter of LA times tried to investigate how bribes saved the violating factories from being penalized IN China, he was kidnapped and threatened by company employees!!!Did some one say India is the most corrupt country??A number of people in China opposed this blatant violation but no heed was paid to their demands.and then came this export scandal as a blessing in disguise .What China did not do for its domestic market, it is doing for the export market.To save face a number of factories not agreeing to the terms of quality have been closed down.But then ,this has been a real eye opener for countries importing Chinese goods blindly.So next time you buy a toy labeled 'made in China', you have a reason to rethink the decision!!!
Ray Titus said…
Note the post on Toy recall titled, 'Dragon Poison'. China sure has taken a beating in terms of 'quality perceptions'.

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