When Win-Win is brilliant Marketing

There's something spectacular about the way Alphy handles our verbal back and forth. All the times (which is most of the times) she's pinned me, I've come out the exchange grinning. That's because though I'm the one calling out touche', she's executed her scores with grace. Meaning my loss hasn't meant lost pride. Alphy's graceful sophistication ensures I am left standing, grin intact.

Now that's a quality I probably won't ever have. If I've prevailed, you can the bet the other party is lying in wait to settle scores.


The ability to score and have your opponent enjoy the experience is truly remarkable. In some way that's the way of a few marketers too. Take Kerala Tourism for example. Their monsoon holiday marketing is remarkable in the sense it gets people to buy in to the worst holiday possible (when it rains in Kerala, it pours!), by presenting it as precious opportunity to kindle a romance. In fact the strapline to the print ad is just brilliant, 'sometimes it takes water to kindle a fire.'

Getting people to come in, get drenched, and feel exhilarated has less to do with the monsoon, and more with the positioning pitch. Such attitude-inducing pitching pays in sales too. Tell you what, the best marketers are those than can engage and engineer sales, and have consumers believe they've walked away with the bargain!

But I gotta add, with Alphy its different. Her grace isn't akin to a marketing act, its who she is! Which is why you can call me blessed!


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