Who did India vote for?

Pretty daft question, right? Wait a minute, scratch the surface and you'll see relevance. Of course, most of India voted for Narendra Modi led BJP, but beneath, most of India voted as I said in my earlier post for the hope of a better future. All those people, including dimwitted talking heads on TV who are falling over themselves to truck on the Narendra Modi bandwagon must know the 'truth', and not just fiddle with what on the surface seems like a tsunami-like phenomenon. People who vote are driven ONLY by their consideration for themselves! Its their lives they are thinking about. Its a better future they are clamoring for  with their votes. Narendra Modi won because he was perceived as the means to that better life!

Its just like the way it is with brands. Dumb brands are those that think people love them. Here's the hard truth! People are only in love with themselves! Smart brands know consumers connect to them 'cos they enable them to get to their goals. McDonald's for example knows its about being a 'fast wholesome value for money' hunger solution. Pepsi knows its got to focus on having its followers feel 'youthful'. Starbucks is about socializing at a third place, and so on.You see, its about consumers, not brands. Brands are only as much as what consumers say. Nothing more, nothing less.

Take your eyes off creating value for consumers, and the result will be nothing short of brutal. They will drop the brand like a hot potato and switch.

Beware, so will voters.


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