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Only Capitalism can save Dalits

I've said it umpteen times before. I am delighted there are those that agree. That the only way out of culture's stranglehold on the oppressed classes (read Dalits) in India is capitalism that drives empowered upward social mobility. To undo what culture's done to Dalits in India, there needs to be a replacement of classes based on caste, by classes based on prosperity.

Capitalism and free markets are the only guarantee Dalits have at prosperity, thus upward social mobility. Its their only chance at shrugging away the regressive downward pull of caste in India.

Note Dalit intellectual and writer Chandra Bhan Prasad's take on the empowering, status-raising effects of Capitalism,

'Capitalism may have class-based problems but these are radically different from caste-based problems. A caste-based system is a system of humiliation. In capitalism , there is poverty of course but that is universal to everyone regardless of his birth. Anyone who is lazy, who doesn't want…

Football players versus 20 month old babies

Appearing on Fareed Zakarioa's GPS, Malcolm Gladwell recommended that football be banned. That's 'cos there's enough evidence to show the rough game of football damages the brains of those who play it. Those who play it are those at colleges in America. So colleges should do away with football.

My take on whether colleges should ban football? 
They shouldn't, After all, those that play the game are in full knowledge of its ill-effects, so that makes THEM fully responsible for anything that happens as an outcome to playing the game. Football isn't about innocent li'l kids putting their lives in danger, its about grown adults making choices about 'risks' for themselves.
I have a question.
Hey Malcolm, what about abortion?
What about lil' babies more than 20 months old being slaughtered? You think these babies have a right to life? Are you among the 30% in America who still think abortions must be allowed after 20 weeks? If you are, save you breat…

RIP. Telegram.

Telegram died a few days ago. In India. In reality telegram was long dead.

Telegram kicked the bucket because it meant nothing to its target users. It was no more a solution to a need. Others had gotten better, thanks to technology and its applications. Better meant quicker, cheaper, and accessible.

What's the lesson?

It ain't about a product or a service. Its about a solution, and being a superior one.

The Promise of America is Liberty

George Zimmerman is NOT GUILTY!

This verdict in no way means Trayvon's death isn't a tragedy. Indeed it is. But the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman wasn't about the tragic death of a teenager, it was about whether free men can 'stand their ground' and defend themselves if they are in imminent danger of losing their lives.

This verdict reinforces free men can!

The promise of America is the promise of liberty. The promise of liberty requires that free men be able to stand their ground and defend themselves.

Against criminals, and government.

The right to bear arms is the constitutional guarantee so men can stand their ground, use their arms, and live free.

Zimmerman is free.

Liberty is intact.

The Law of Perceived Ideology

'So how do we sort out all these slurs and the contradictory consequences that follow them?

Apparently, racist, sexist, or homophobic words themselves do not necessarily earn any rebuke. Nor is the race or gender of the speaker always a clue to the degree of outrage that follows.

Instead, the perceived ideology of the perpetrator is what matters most. Maher and Letterman, being good liberals, could hardly be crude sexists. But when the conservative Limbaugh uses similar terms, it must be a window into his dark heart.

It’s apparently OK for whites or blacks to slur the conservative Clarence Thomas in racist terms. Saying anything similar of the late liberal justice Thurgood Marshall would have been blasphemous.

In short, we are dealing not with actual word crimes, but with supposed thought crimes.

The liberal media and popular culture have become our self-appointed thought police. Politics determines whether hate speech is a reflection of real hate or just an inadvertent slip, a risqué …

The danger in Redistribution

'A corollary is that if the state's role is predominantly redistribution, the middle class will seek - in Professor Albert Hirschman's famous terminology - to exit from the state. They will avoid or minimise paying taxes; they will cocoon themselves in gated communities; they will use diesel to obtain power; and they will send their children overseas for higher education. All these pathologies are in evidence in India. By reducing the pressure on the state, middle class exit will shrivel it, eroding its legitimacy further, leading to more exit and so on. A state that prioritises or over-emphasises RRE, risks unleashing this vicious spiral.

For this admirer of Professor Sen's exceptional academic work two ironies stand out. His Nobel-winning insight was about the importance of broad purchasing power rather than the narrow (physical) availability of food in avoiding famines and mass starvation. It is curious, even mystifying, therefore, to see him forcefully advocate, thr…

The appeal of a 'swinging' Spidey

Andrew Garfield wants to play Spiderman as a bisexual. That is, he wants Spidey to explore his sexuality, and MJ can be a dude.

Wow, what an idiot.

Why Spidey? Play bisexual if you want to. Why as Spidey? But then you never know. Liberal deranged Hollywood may just do that to appeal to a young liberal audience.

In the process they can kiss yours truly as a fan-consumer goodbye.

I know, they don't care.


Sweet & Bitter-Sweet

Though the Cadbury Silk Ad (above) makes my stomach churn (all their commercials pretty much do), it hits home with its message. That the chocolate in question is gooey and incredibly tasty! Tell you what, at our home, Silk's pretty much the favorite (read, Brooklyn, Jaden, Alphy, and Ray) chocolate bar brand.

The Bournville Ad (above) is another winner from Cadbury. It tells you straight and clear, bittersweet is here, and sweet better make way!

Now what Cadbury did a few weeks ago that was really really smart, was give the Bournville away free with the Silk. The promo did exactly what it was supposed to. It got sweet-toothed Indians to try 'bittersweet' for a change!

Will the 'tasting' continue to a consumer adoption of bittersweet? Its early days yet. I guess it may at least get Indian consumers to think about taking a break from 'sweet' silk.

As for us, bittersweet was, and will surely be an added option.

Way to go, Cadbury India!

Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t About Freedom

Indeed, where did the subversive “myth of individual freedom” come from? It was Jesus himself who separated the individual from Caesar, reinforcing this with a remarkably un-communal statement: “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No I tell you but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against one another, three against two and two against three” (Luke 12:49-53). When his disciples were confronted by potential converts who would not adopt the broadly Jewish cultural practices of the early Christian community, Peter, Paul, James, and the others freed the pagans from these cultural practices (Acts 15: 1-21). Paul went to the extent of freeing Christians from the restrictions of the Law itself (Gal: 3:23-29) and added “when Christ freed us, he meant us to remain free” (Gal: 5:1).

As the conservative thinker Frank Meyer emphasized, by freeing the individual, Christianity created a tension between its high standards—to be perfect as the Father is perfect, t…