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I put a spell on you

Why will someone carry my bags?

The watchman at our building doesn't care much about extending a helping hand when we need one. For example, grocery shopping sees us lugging overflowing bags from the car to the elevator. The watchmen sees us struggling, but doesn't move a muscle. Ditto when its luggage we are struggling with, or any other such thing.

Funny thing is, the watchman turns superman when the struggling people in question turn out to be the secretary or president of our building association. In fact when their cars reach the gate he flies to open it. I've even seen him balance umpteen overflowing bags on all parts of his body when those bags belong the the secretary or the president.

Now don't for a moment think this superhuman transformation is about the watchman caring. I bet he doesn't care too hoots for anyone in the building. But then, he cares about himself! Such 'care' is what prompts the superman act. The watchman through his pyrotechnics with the bags is trying to worm…

Free Enterprise Country

How dare they prey on our insecurities?

How dare Oprah Winfrey allude to our eating with our hands on her show!?
Shame on her!
I guess this does it! I say its time we marched up to the defunct irrelevant UN and demand a resolution be passed that denies any foreigner the opportunity to speak about us. No one, I mean no one should be allowed to point out little details about us that aren't 'really' true. 
For example, how dare The Australian write about us defecating in the open? How dare they publish such outrageous stuff? 
They write, 'More than six decades after India won its freedom from British colonial rule, 55 per cent of its people - by one count 638 million - do not have access to a toilet of any kind and defecate in the open. Paradoxically, more people have access to mobile phones in India than to basic sanitation. A recent estimate suggested about 366 million people have access to sanitation while there are about 600 million mobile phones in service in the emerging economy. "It is a tragic iro…

Why we can't build global brands

The idiotas working on some heavy duty drilling next door (in the building next to ours) have been at it for the past twelve hours. For the moment there doesn't seem to be any signs of their work abating. Truth is, the whole of today we've been at the mercy of this eardrum shattering racket.

Now I ain't surprised they aren't stopping their drilling work. After all I've lived my life in a country where empathy is almost non-existent. Here its commonplace to have the people next door not care a whit about anyone else. It's therefore zero bother to them their racket's giving others hell for twelve hours.

As I said earlier, I'am not at all surprised this is happening. Here's two reasons why.

One, zero empathy has social sanction in India. If you are unlucky at birth, the caste based class system in India will ensure you scrape the bottom of an non-existent empathy barrel. Such an all pervasive social system has fostered a community that by default beli…

Why we'll always need more

There was a time when Jaden wouldn't let us feed him. He wanted to eat by himself. Now at five and a half, he wants to be fed so he can concentrate on role playing Power Rangers. At two, Brooklyn's doing what Jaden did. She wants to feed herself. Never mind the mess, she won't have us anywhere close when her food's on the table.

Its easy to see why Jaden's moved on from feeding himself to being fed. He's had his taste of independence, so its no longer something to be attained. Not so for Brooklyn. In insisting on feeding herself Brooklyn's exerting her independence, something she isn't used to having at two.

What's playing out at our home plays out everywhere. As humans we respond to our needs and wants by seeking solutions. Once a need's fulfilled, we move on to higher order needs. And this climb never stops. Ditto for consumers too. The craving for products and services won't ever stop. All consumers will do is move to new and 'up-mar…


How and why we vote who we vote

Back after a while, and so will first respond to questions and comments.

KST asksWhy do people vote for allegedly corrupt and proven corrupt leaders? What could be the psychology? Does the thinking go like -'Let the corrupt leader loot, at least he dishes out freebies to me, plus all leaders are corrupt'. This is in the context of YSRCP winning hands down (15/18 seats) in AP bypolls.
Truth is KST, people don't vote for corrupt leaders. Its only incidental the people who are voted in are corrupt. People vote in those they can identify with. And suchidentification in India is driven mostly by cultural, and sub-cultural variables. I mean people vote based on caste, community, ethnicity, religion, and other such considerations. Now its only natural they do so because in the first place their own identity is dictated by such variables. So when they to look to voting in someone, they respond to that candidate who shares their very same identity characteristics.

Consider a candi…

Who's responsible?

The greatest of danger to mankind comes not from the spread of terror, or something of that sort. It comes instead from liberal dimwits who refuse to see, or even consider what is reason.

Take the tragic theater shooting at Denver for example. What's the liberal dimwit's classic response to the tragedy? Gun control. Pray why? Because it seems guns are the reason why people are dead. Guns, not the lunatic gunman. Now this kind of idiocy abounds. Take Bloomberg for example. He thinks colas are why people are obese. Not their own irresponsible eating habits.

Its easy why liberals point fingers at everything other than human behavior. Because if such pointing's done, people have to own up to their responsibility, admit to their frailty. Now taking responsibility for actions isn't humanly possible for liberals. Liberals are raised to point fingers, at colas, burgers, and of course guns.

Marketers aren't the reason why consumers chose to consume. Consumption rests solel…

The Relativist Barrier

'When I went to college, I was living proof of Allan Bloom‘s famous assertion that: “almost every student entering the university believes, or says he believes, that truth is relative…” Then I read Dostoevsky’s great suspense novel Crime and Punishment and the relativist barrier to wisdom was blasted out of my head by the book’s insight and dramatic power. It was that novel, as much as the Gospels themselves, that set me on the road to Christ and eternal jolliness. Years later, when I had entered a period of philosophical atheism and was reading various atheist writers, I came upon the porno-philosophic work of the Marquis de Sade, from whom we get the word sadism. The combination of his unassailable moral logic and his dramatization of the psychopathic results of that logic made me realize that moral atheism could not ultimately be defended. Seeking to confirm my belief system, I destroyed it.

The point is, we should at least now and then look to cultural works to change our minds…