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The BIG must-learn lessons from Tata Nano's failure.

Now that Tata Nano is on its way out, its time to learn lessons from the brand's fall from grace. Back in 2014, I had warned about the brand's re-positioning move. I had then said to wait and watch. The watching and waiting is over. Let the lessons now begin.

Here are the 4 BIG ones!

1. The 'Solution' lesson - The best of brands know they are in the business of solutions not products. To get this right, businesses have to abandon the engineering mindset, one that's focused on building products, not solutions. 'Frugal engineering', once described as the powering force behind the Nano miracle stands exposed today. Frugal cuts back on spending, thus cutting back on building a solution. All frugal engineering does is build products that work. That is just the default limited job done, and that's not good enough to step into solution territory. To me, the Tata Nano was more a 'product' than a 'solution'. You see, buyers don't give a whit…