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4 reasons why 'fairness creams are racist' is DAFT & DANGEROUS!

I wonder what must be behind NDTV's war on fairness creams? Whatever the reasons, this blatant anti-product campaign smacks squarely of rank stupidity, and is dangerously anti-liberty.
Here are four reasons why.

1. Its the 'People', stupid! - Get this loud and clear. Products are NOT why people behave badly and so products shouldn't be where blame is appropriated. It should instead land squarely at the doors of 'people'. Its people who double up as racists. The NDTV argument toes the liberal 'fork made me fat' line faithfully. That is to never hold people responsible, instead to ascribe actions and behavior to things and circumstances. Never people. What a pity.

2. Liberty is tolerating the 'Unpalatable' - When you go after anything that's legally legitimate, you step into a liberty-denying space. Now that is truly dangerous territory. Libertarian societies are those that let the 'palatable' exist with the 'unpalatable'. Why? &…

Demonetisation and revision of Income Tax returns.

Demonetisation, despite the challenges it’s throwing in its wake is also opening new windows of opportunity for both consumers and businesses. The government is doing what can possibly encourage adoption of cashless transaction by either parties, namely sellers and consumers. Right now the sentiment associated with demonetisation is evenly balanced. On the citizen front dissatisfaction is poised to rise should things not improve at ATMs and banks. What is of course not helping is media reports on how crooked citizens are getting around this cashless drive.
It’s of course the worry of taxpayers taking advantage of demonetisation drive and using the tax filing route to protect undeclared income that has prompted the Income Tax department to warn against misuse of the available provision of revising I-T returns. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) entrusted with tax policy making has stated it will keep close scrutiny on filing of income tax returns and revisions being made. Accord…