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Mumbaikars passed on being voters for being consumers

So Mumbai has followed in the footsteps of Bangalore. Why am I not surprised? Of course as usual dimwitted TV anchors cried hoarse at the apathy of Mumbaikars. They also went after Bollywoodwallahs who had flown out to Tampa for the IIFA meet. Now I am not going to repeat what I have earlier said about why the Bangalorean did not vote. This time I will focus on why the 'grief' of TV anchors and talking heads on TV is misplaced.

Calling the non-voting Mumbaikar apathetic is as close to imbecilic as possible! How dare the idiots on TV brand non-voters lazy!? What do they think Mumbaikars were doing all year round? Sitting on their behinds watching TV? The average Mumbaikar on an average day (year round) is working his butt off to earn a living so there's food on the table for the family. The average Mumbaikar on an average day travels godforsaken distances to get to work and put in a day's worth, so there's the means to keep the family going.

How dare the dimwits …

Parenting, Maturing, & Consumption Decision Making

When Margaret Sanger, founder of baby-killing 'Planned Parenthood' calls (she did it a while ago) for a complete ban on child bearing for a decade, she also plays her part in stunting the process of adult maturation (read, growing up).

You see in my book, parenting is about maturing. Parenting is growing up. Sure, there are the odd monster-parents who lurk around every corner, but for the vast parenting population in the middle, the act of having and raising children is a blessed move in maturing.

Parenting grows you up far better than any other responsibility you take on, including getting married. Though married, couples still harbor their 'personal selves'. Meaning they abandon far more rarely their personal whims and urges while married than when they take on a parenting role. When people turn parents, their ability to sacrifice and let go takes wings. Note, maturing is in effect a heightening of sensitization in human beings. Mature people are those who are sensi…

Easter & the Power of Christ

Maybe Christians could start with thinking about just what fighting evil entails. Perhaps they could think about how often they have given up the battle against evil, substituting a vacuous concept of peace characterized by almost total pacifism. Perhaps they could ponder the near death of righteous indignation against the sins of humanity. The wholesale killing of the unborn, The persecution and torture of fellow Christians around the world, the suppression and degradation of women and children in the sex trade, the increased corruption in all three branches of our government and much, much else demand the anger; and, yes, the judgment of Christians. It was not so long ago that the faithful railed against evil wherever, Medusalike, it reared its ugly and multifarious heads. It was not too long ago that Christians in the political arena believed such matters are judged by Christ and therefore should be judged by his followers...

Perhaps Christians should also begin to understand ho…

Why the Bangalorean did not vote!

With the numbers out until now, 1 out of 2 Bangaloreans did not vote and its not surprising at all. At least to me. Talking heads on TV seem to be outraged and that surprises me. They expected the Bangalorean to vote because there was greater awareness this time around? What a joke!
The Bangalore voter facing the outrage has no reason to vote, and all reasons not to. You see, the average Bangalorean is middle class. This middle class Bangalorean works hard for a living, earns, and pays taxes. His taxes are what fund the socialist hand outs promised by politicians. Its his hard work that powers the creation of products and services that make the crony capitalist business owner dirty rich! 
Truth is, the middle class voter in Bangalore has ZERO stake in any party's political fortunes. It can be party A, B, or C at the center, at the state, it won't matter a whit to his life! He knows they sit in their seats as masters who lord over, not as public servants who serve! Political m…

Why the first time voter won't make a difference in Indian Elections

Can and will first time voters make a difference in the 2014 Indian elections?

Nah. Don't think so.

When asked what they would want as an outcome to 2014 elections, a first time voter in Chennai replied she wanted a stop to privatization of education, so corruption could be weeded out of education. Huh? Eliminating privatization is the answer to stopping corruption? Now the kid's not to blame considering she's been brought in school and college on a staple of 'welfare economics'. She's been told, government is good, and private business is bad. Government takes care of us, private business bleed us off our money. What's made it worse is what the young voter in India sees as private business. The latter are seen as corrupt, and that's thanks to crony capitalism. Governments, one after the other have allowed for a coterie of private cronies to do business in India and rake in the moolah.

You see, its classic double whammy! Welfare economics in schools an…

Brandeis University & the Core Value of Hypocrisy

When Brandeis University says it dropped Ayaan Hirsi Ali because what she's said in the past doesn't correspond to Brandeis' core values, I wonder what values are they talking about?


If there's a core value that's become evident from Brandeis' Ayaan-dropping act, its plain old hypocrisy! Why? Brandeis has had controversial speakers on campus before. They've even been honored. Plus Brandeis' statement, based on Ayaan's response, is a plain lie! Ayaan says they never consulted her! Note Ayaan's statement, 'I was completely shocked when President Frederick Lawrence called me—just a few hours before issuing a public statement—to say that such a decision had been made.'

Note, every institution has the right to decide who comes on board and who doesn't, but the Brandeis- Ayaan story isn't about a denial, its about an institution that's gone back on an honorable invite for reasons that only suggest spineless character! I…

The Piddling Indian Male & his many Avatars

The sight of a piddling (against a wall, tree, squatting ...) male in public is common sight in India. Which is why this morning the lot of us waiting to come to work were presented with such a sight. Thankfully the deviant in question had his back to us.

The piddling Indian male represents insensitivity in full bloom. The Indian male who piddles in public does so motivated by two key considerations, both unconscious. First, the piddling Indian male cares for none but himself. When he's got to go, he's got go! Second, the piddling Indian male is bereft of social intelligence. His consideration of social norms is non-existent, save when it is about him. Meaning, social norms matter only when it suits him. The embarrassment he causes others when he piddles in public is a non-consideration because his id-driven urges are far weightier than the social norms that require him to 'hold back and keep it in'!

The piddling Indian male morphs into many forms. He is same male who…

The pencil story & what's scary about Indian Elections 2014

After more than 60 years of government inspired socialist and crony-capitalist hell, its scary to think people still hope government will lift us out of our current sorry state. People speak of the elections as if they'll change all our lives.

They won't!

Its only WE who can save US! For that to happen what we need isn't a 'decisive leader' led government, but limited government. One that steps out of our way. Read that as one that doesn't deprive us (read, taxes) of our hard earned wealth for hare-brained socialist schemes that do nothing other than foster dependency, and dis-incentivize wealth creation. A government that steps out of our way also means one that allows for free market capitalism to decide what and which businesses come into being and thrive, and what and which of them fall by the wayside. And pray who in such markets decide who are the moolah-earners? Consumers, not the government!

I know despite my persistent clarion calls for free market ca…

Why I mow my hair down, and you don't!

At the barber shop, I am a favorite. That's 'cos I probably am on the only guy with no desire to preen. That means the barber can do the chop-chop thing with my hair. As long as its short and gone, works for me. That again means the barber has to do nothing but run the mowing machine all over my head. His work's done in a matter of minutes. I am off the chair in no time, and with no desire to peer into the mirror a second and a third time.

I am not the preening type. At least that's what I thought. Then it hit me. Me doing the publicity thing with my non-preening haircut is in fact, preening of a unique type. Its just that on the surface it may not seem so. Even to me. I am in fact making a statement (with my haircut) by not making a statement!

The truth is, to rid you of yourself you must be 'born again'.Now that's an experience which will go past most of us. Which is why we will always be susceptible to marketers. Remember, marketing is about what consum…

The necessity of death penalty & the evil that masquerades as reformation

As we wait for the honourable sessions court to pronounce a judgement on the Mumbai Shakti mills gang rape case, misguided human rights upholders are out in numbers with their usual clarion call, no death penalty!

Pray, what's their logic? Civilised societies do not impose the death penalty. Civilised societies, according to the activists are supposed to work on reformation, and not put people to death. Plus they say the death penalty never acts as a deterrence. Tell you the truth, human rights activists not only do us disservice by calling for the abolition of the death penalty, but also allow for evil to flourish conveniently camouflaged under bogus calls for reformation.

Let me first address the issue of deterrence. I quote (Professor John McAdams from Marquette University), "If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have deterred other murders, we have…

The Demonic intent in Noah the movie

Aronofsky challenges the biblical nature of God at every turn in his film. Among the many heresies, his presentation of justice may prove most offensive.

Noah adopts the conviction that all mankind must perish. Noah sees it as a matter of justice. “We broke the world,” he tells his wife in reference to original sin and the “darkness” which possesses men to rape creation.

Noah becomes so convinced that all mankind must perish that he reacts to news of his barren daughter-in-law’s miraculous pregnancy by pledging to murder the child upon its birth. The third act deals primarily with Noah stalking around the ark like Jack Nicholson’s crazed novelist in The Shining, plotting the death of his own family.

In the end, an appeal to love breaks through Noah’s resolve. He mercifully relents from his conviction to kill.

In the aftermath, he abandons his family and becomes a drunken deadbeat possessed by the sense that he failed the creator’s assigned task. Resolution comes when his daughter-in-law c…

Why dangerous nonsense like Earth Hour, Noah (movie), and the IPCC report succeed

The Earth Hour, the movie Noah, and the IPCC report on an impending climate change catastrophe have all come suspiciously close to one another. I guess it must be as they say, 'nonsense of the same feather flock together.'

Yet despite the nonsense, the takers for 'earth hour', 'climate change', and now 'Noah', seem to run into millions. Imagine that. Takers for nonsense! What's more, it isn't just nonsense but a dangerous one at that.


The Earth hour degrades cheap electricity, the greatest source of human liberation, and even 'hurts' the planet! The movie Noah does more than just misrepresent what is in the Bible, it turns it upside down. What about the IPCC report? The latest independent peer-reviewed NIPCC scientific report finds no link between human activity and climate change!

What's amazing about the lies being peddled is their ability to turn into dangerous default beliefs. Meaning, at some point people will not even qu…