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The Harambe decision & impulse buying

Did Harambe have to die? I don't know. In fact, none of us will ever know for sure if Harambe had to be shot dead. That he was shot and killed was the result of a decision taken in the shortest of time (ten minutes to be exact). I respect that decision. There are experts too who think it was the right decision. The risks were too great for a gamble. The wisdom of hindsight is no comfort at at time when someone has to decide whether the trigger needed to be pulled or not. The cost of pulling the trigger is a dead Gorilla, and a safe child. I can live with that. I know the 'crazed' PETAites can't, and I am not surprised.

In the world of consumption, the greater the risks associated with a purchase, the longer the time taken to arrive at a decision. The risks associated with buying can be financial, social, psychological, health-related and so on. Impulse buying on the other hand is the outcome of a decision arrived at the shortest time possible. That explains why impuls…

Arvind Kejriwal, negative emotions, & consumer motivation

There's a video of Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped to the sound of music going around on social media. People have shared the video with much mirth, adding their nasty comments. I for one am disturbed. Its one thing to revel in another man's misfortune, its another to pass it around so others can join in the sickening revelry. At home we do our best to step in and ensure there's no exulting in anyone's misfortune. This is especially important for us to teach our kids. Its commonplace to see simple mishaps when kids play, like someone slipping and falling and so on. If Jaden joins in the laughter that follows, we remind him later of his rude behavior. We point to him though he may be prompted to laugh at such times, he must curb it, step up and if possible help.

Much of the response to the Kejriwal musical slap video comes from deep rooted hatred and disdain some people have for him. Now that's worrying. You can disagree vehemently with people's point of view, …

Tax Filing & enabling infrastructure

Part of consumer compliance is about ‘enablement’. Businesses that don’t get the importance of an enabling infrastructure are those left wondering why consumers aren't ‘biting’. If you track consumption decision making, you’ll see the act of buying is hastened if the required conveniences are in place. In fact, this is one arena where e-commerce companies score over their ‘brick and mortar’ counterparts. Keeping other factors at par, the convenience e-commerce provides is quite the ‘enabler’ to buying. For the consumer, it’s simply an act of a few clicks. Imagine that! Now compare straining your fingertips to brick and mortar buying, and you’ll see the hassles are far too many when it comes to the latter. You've got to make the list, navigate traffic, drive to the store, find parking, pay for it, wade through the store to get to your stuff, pack your trolley, bill it at a queued counter, haul it back to your vehicle, drive back home, and so on. The hassles are endless.
This s…