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The Thugs of Ferguson & the Breakdown of Liberty

Make no mistake about the violence in Ferguson in wake of the case being closed. What you are bearing witness to isn't the anger of  a crowd over the lack of an indictment. What you are seeing is full blown thuggery. Shift your gaze a bit, and what you are witnessing is the subversion of liberty.

Such deviant subversion hides behind a tragic loss of life, because its both convenient and an opportune moment. A nation with a closet communist-socialist in charge will only breed a moocher majority that stays angry at the prosperity of the toilers. Which explains why when they get an opportunity, they will riot and roam the streets as vandals bent on destruction of private property. After all, what they destroy they haven't toiled for, so they see no value in it.

Make no mistake. The thugs of Ferguson are the offsprings of a ideology that's socialist and liberal. Its also an outcome to America's weakening desire to stand by a constitution that guarantees life, liberty and …